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If you are committed to a career in the fields of acting or modeling, be sure to read

Helpful tips for actors, models and any other clients who want great results.

The details provided for you in this section are designed to be as helpful and informative as possible; it is well worth reading.

Wayne Ferrara - Providing photographer services for Metro New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and beyond


Canon DSLR EOS 5D Mark ll, 21.1 Megapixel,
      with CMOS full frame sensor, Digic 4
Canon DSLR EOS 50D 15.1 Megapixel
Canon DSLR EOS 40D 10.1 Megapixel

2 Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Zoom Lenses
Canon 135mm f/2.0L USM Prime
Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5 IS USM
(Specialty Lenses require advanced notice)
2 Photoflex 36"Octodome Soft Box Studio Lighting
2 Light Dome Soft Boxes
2 Photoflex 48" Bounce Umbrellas
Photoflex 48" Shoot through Umbrella
2 Photoflex Starflash 650 Strobe Heads
1 Photoflex Starflash 300 Strobe Head
Hair light
Mini Soft Boxes
Multiple Back lights and fill
Multiple solid or marble dyed, fabric backdrops
Black, Gray and White Paper backdrops
Several 42" reflectors and diffusion scrims
Canon 580EX and 580EX II portable Flash
Sekonic Digital Flash Meter

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Professional post processing
Apple Powermac G5
Industry Standard RAW (digital negative) photo processing Software
Photoshop CS4, Canon Digital Pro Software
Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mk II
Featuring Canon's Chromalife 100 System ®

Photographer: Wayne Ferrara
In his New Orleans studio,
he takes a few moments to talk about his
work as a photographer.

Photographer: Elaine de Araujo Ferrara
On location shoot in Audubon Park.
New Orleans, Louisiana.

Please review the following recommendations for actors, models and other clients before booking your session.

It is well worth the ten minutes it will take you to read.


Arrive at your session on time and well rested. If your mind is on something else that you have to do the same day, or physically tired from not getting enough sleep the night before, your session results will reflect that. As a model or an actor, you should take care of yourself and always look vibrant! Naturally, I like to provide clients with as much time as I feel necessary, so they get the best headshot or modeling session possible. (up to 2 hours for a headshot session and 4-5 hours modeling) However, please don't waste your shoot time by being late for your session or even worse, being unprepared.

BE ON TIME...if you're more than twenty minutes late, you may have to reschedule your session.

BE PREPARED...Models should brush up on posing technique in the days leading up to a shoot with wardrobe in excellent condition.

If you're going on a commercial shoot, the client will usually provide wardrobe for you; otherwise, if the session is for your portfolio and you're using your own wardrobe, all of your wardrobe items should be wrinkle-free, organized and ready to go! Actors should know how they want to market themselves in terms of character range. Being late or unprepared is unprofessional and will not be tolerated on paying jobs you will be hired for. Some agents will actually fine talent for showing up late on a shoot.


Most clients know what they need before booking an appointment with us. Nevertheless, if your session is for an ACTOR'S HEADSHOT, you should try different facial expressions that are natural for you during your headshot session. If you prefer a more dramatic expression, don't feel that you are obligated to smile; you don't have to. Serious expressions work extremely well with many people, both men and women. Even if you're not fond of smiling though, we still recommend you include a few poses with smiles so that you have a nice variety to choose from. If your headshot is for commercial acting purposes and expect to be doing mostly commercial work, remember, smiles sell. If you do less commercial work and more theatrical, a somewhat dramatic or serious expression may be more appropriate for your headshot depending on your character range. Whatever you choose to do, if you are an ACTOR, you should be relaxed and BE YOURSELF. I can't stress that enough. Your headshot should have a natural, genuine, spontaneous look and will work much better for you as a marketing tool if it does. If this is your first experience with a headshot session, you must understand, this is NOT the time to "act" or wear costumes, period pieces or hats; it is a time to be YOU. Your expression must be genuine above all. A really great headshot is as much about your personality as it is about how you look.


Models should always be prepared to execute a full range of posing techniques that compliment wardrobe and body type!
Your body is your instrument, much like a clarinet may be the instrument of a musician. Just like a musician has to know how every key of an instrument works, you must know what your own body is capable of beyond a "hands on the hips pose". Practice in front of a mirror until you know what a good pose "feels" like since you will not have a mirror when you work. Modeling portfolios will include full lengths, half lengths as well as head and shoulder shots and you shouldn't necessarily look at the camera all the time. While we are happy to guide you and direct you to some extent, we are photographers....not modeling instructors. It is your responsibility to do what is expected of you in your chosen career and that is of course, to model. The true art of modeling is all about looking like you're not posing....even though you are. The modeling portfolio is all about selling YOURSELF as a real person and an attractive person more so than selling what you are wearing. If you're in doubt, pick up a few fashion oriented magazines like Vogue, Elle or W and look at the poses used in the ads. Look at what some of the pros there are doing and try to understand why they're doing it based on the product they're selling. The image chosen for the ad was only one out of possibly hundreds. It was selected for the ad because it accomplished the goal of making the product look good. How? Why? Look closely at the models. Look at their expressions and pose....the models and how they posed for the camera played a big part in making the ad a good one or they wouldn't be there. Otherwise, we may just as well use mannequins for magazine ads.


MODELS should always prepare and coordinate wardrobe in advance of the session. Being prepared will give you more confidence when stepping in front of the camera and save time. Dressed up or dressed down, male or female, wear what works best for your body type! Full modeling portfolios should include five complete wardrobe ensembles, each one distinctly different from the other. Examples can be any of the following; up-to-date casual, urban wear, cocktail dress, long sleeves and short sleeves, sports wear, swim wear, lingerie, business wear etc...or whatever compliments your body type the best! Most models like dressing up in real life and already have a lot of wardrobe pieces to choose from. The absolute best five images from your shoot (one from each wardrobe category) will be used for your comp card. Try to use solid colors but nothing loud, no pastels, bright white or all black. There are always exceptions but warm, earth tones are a good place to start. Obviously, if your outfit is something worn by a biker, then a black leather jacket may be appropriate. Be sure what you wear fits you well but not too tight and have a good mix of color combinations and styles from one wardrobe ensemble to the next. IN ALL CASES, models, actors or personal portraits...PLEASE have your wardrobe in order and good condition. We are not responsible for YOUR wardrobe. You must be sure your outfit is the way you want it for the shoot. We do not re-shoot due to wardrobe issues. This includes issues with tags, stains, buttons etc. Thank you.


Chances are, the answer to that is NO. Unless your friend is a professional photographer with a professional camera and knows how to use available light to his or her advantage your images may only look amateur at best. Most friends and most consumer level point and shoot cameras with automatic settings are not capable of producing images that are of a high enough quality to be used in a professional modeling portfolio. Professional portfolio books contain prints as large as 11x14 and the images need to be high quality, properly lit, sharply focused images of you and what you're wearing. The same applies to your Comp Card....they need to be high quality images that practically pop off the page. While lifestyle photography may feature a number of interesting locations as part of any modeling shoot, you can bet it's not going to be your back yard. In the advertising industry, there's usually a good reason for everything detail you see in an advertisement.


Your portfolio book will include lots of waist-up and some full length shots, so try to use up-to-date outfits that flatter your body type, skin tone, hair color and your range of character. Models should avoid cheap looking, trendy outfits that will become outdated very quickly; also avoid loud colors, bright floral prints, patterns and so forth in their portfolio. The whole purpose of the commercial portfolio is to sell YOU and your ability to look like an attractive, real person. The clothes are actually secondary. Your personality sells the clothes, not the reverse. If you intend to have part of your shoot processed as B&W and are in doubt about what shade of gray your wardrobe colors will convert to, refer to the color and grayscale wheels to the left for a general idea. Remember, exceptional B&W shots are all about strong variation in contrast and texture. This is what makes B&W "pop" off the page. If your wardrobe, skin type, hair color and environment produce too many of the same shades of gray, it will result in a flat and unattractive B&W image. It is actually better to plan for B&W to insure proper contrast combinations with wardrobe pieces and locations. If you have any questions about wardrobe, please don't hesitate to ask your agent for recommendations prior to your shoot.


For ACTOR'S HEADSHOTS, YOU SHOULD AVOID shirts with stripes, plaids, paisley, polka dots, tie dye, brand logos, loud colors, bright white and wild patterns of any kind; they are distracting and will take attention away from your face. Industry recommendations for headshots and even auditions tend to be darker, warm earth tones or muted solid colors. These always tend to work better in headshots. While it may vary from client to client, we tend to recommend long sleeves instead of short sleeves for an actor's headshot. Since most headshots are tightly cropped, a small section of arm or a shoulder strap in one corner of your headshot as well as tan lines can be distracting and unappealing. Shirts with texture are a good thing; ribbed or knitted sweaters for example. If you're not sure, just ask us or your agent.


No matter who you are, you will want to look your best regarding clean, clear skin. Some may be able to achieve that without the use of makeup; the guys are usually able to get by without it if they don't have oily skin or perspire a lot. When it comes to the ladies however, even minimal make-up can be a very important part of your headshot session, modeling portfolio or portrait. Some actors and models may have character features, freckles for example, that they do not want to hide and prefer a more natural look as part of their marketing strategy. However, if you have an oily complexion or tend to perspire easily, you may want to consider wearing something light to reduce the possibility of flash highlights on your forehead, nose and cheeks. The key is to keep it natural looking. If you wear makeup, always bring it with you to the shoot in case you need to "freshen-up" during the session. Actors may want to stay within the range of makeup you would normally wear to an audition. Remember, when you are selected from a stack of headshots and called in for an audition, the casting director expects to see the same person. In most cases, the casting director already has you in mind for a specific character. They usually don't have time to "rethink" what other role you may be good for if you don't look like your headshot. Your headshot should be an accurate reflection of who you are. If your portrait is for personal use, you can wear as much or as little makeup as you like. If you're doing a high end fashion or glamour portfolio, have fun and be as creative as you want. Oh, and don't forget to check your nails; whatever you choose to use, it should match with all of your wardrobe selections. When in doubt, keeping it close to natural is usually best. At the very least, you should avoid overdoing your makeup.....overdone makeup usually doesn't look very appealing.

If you do wear makeup, having a good, well-balanced, natural toned foundation and powder will help smooth out any skin imperfections. It should be evenly blended from the face to include the neck; this will prevent any variations in skin color or tone between the face, neck and chest area. If you wear an off the shoulders, low cut blouse or top, watch out for those tan lines; under lights, they may be more visible than you think! With all close-up portraits, (like headshots) both men and women may want to check for any unwanted facial hair a day or so prior to the session. In most cases, you should wear what you would normally wear when going to an audition or on any given day.


Absolutely....especially if you know what looks best on you! A few tips....clients doing their own makeup should avoid moisturizer type products or other make up products that will be reflective under lights. Make up with tiny flecks of glitter is a ends up looking like white dots under the lights. If in doubt, be sure to bring your powder just in case. If you're a model and developing a complete, commercial portfolio of shots for a new composite or comp card, you may want to consider the services of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. If you communicate with them, they will understand your goals.....and will not only make you look your best, you'll feel great too. Be sure the MUA understands what you want to avoid disappointment. Depending on the look or image style you want to project, it can make a big difference. Having a professional makeup artist for your shoot is worth it. * Remember, your portfolio is an ongoing investment in your career and usually requires updates on an annual basis.


Different hairstyles can make a tremendous difference in your appearance. All clients are advised to do what looks best on them. If you are an actor, your hairstyle should be similar to what you would wear to an audition on a regular basis. You don't want your headshot to be a complete departure from how you look in real life. On the other hand, models have different guidelines to consider. Most models know that sometimes the smallest change can project an entirely different look or mood. If you want to try different looks based on your wardrobe selections and what you're trying to achieve with your comp card, be sure to bring a hairbrush and styling sprays/gels with you to the shoot. *


You may want to avoid drinking alcohol and cut back on salt intake for a few days before your session; it will make a difference in your overall appearance. Both alcohol and salt will make your face puffy. Drinking too much alcohol the day before will also zap your energy level and make you perspire a lot. Speaking of perspiration, avoid doing anything strenuous immediately before you arrive at your session that will make you continue to perspire into your session. Perspiration on the skin is very reflective and can diminish an otherwise perfect shot. We try to keep the studio area as cool as possible but it's always a good idea to bring your make up with you just in case you do begin to perspire.


If you are sitting for a personal portrait, where what you like. If you're an actor, you may want to avoid jewelry altogether in your headshot. If you choose to wear any jewelry at all, keep it simple. If your session is for MODELING and specifically for the jewelry, accessories and apparel section of your portfolio, it's up to you. You should use your own judgement or ask your agent if in doubt; everyone has an opinion on this. Either way, you don't want to spend money on building your portfolio only to have your agent say the photos don't fit their criteria for portfolio images. With headshots however, there are also exceptions. Some actor's for example, may have multiple piercings in the ears, nose, lip or eyebrow which they consider part of the look they want to market. For that person, jewelry is an important element. Otherwise, the attention should be on your face in an actor's headshot, not your jewelry! Also, as you strike poses and move during your session, so will your jewelry; large dangling earrings may get twisted into an odd angle just as some necklaces may work themselves into an irregular or awkward position. In addition, long, dangling earrings will cast a shadow on your neck depending on the angle of the shot and light. Again, it is recommended that all the attention and focus is on your face, so avoid wearing distracting jewelry that may also cause unwanted shadows.


The fact is, you don't have to be beautiful or extremely experienced to work in films and for television. Casting people in New Orleans are often looking for the unique, character oriented types as well as extras for many roles. Nevertheless, like any other profession, we suggest you learn everything you can about your chosen profession before jumping in head first with only the hope of being successful on looks alone. While formal training has many positive benefits, you should continue your education by doing independent research and reading as much as you can about the business. Just because the idea of being an actor or model appeals to you, that doesn't mean you're going to be an overnight success. Like any other profession, it requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Knowledge will always help you to be more professional no matter what career path you choose in life; modeling and acting are no exception. If you're still reading all of this information, you're off to a good start and are most likely very serious about your goals! You would be surprised at how many "aspiring" actors and models don't even get this far! Congratulations! In many ways, acting and modeling require more tenacity and perseverance than many other professions. Are YOU prepared with the knowledge you need in order to do an outstanding job AND compete with others who want the same job? Do you have the required tools? (The actor's primary marketing tool is the Headshot and the model's is the Comp Card.) Do you know the difference? The answers to these questions and many more are directly related to how successful you choose to be. Knowledge and experience will always win out over luck. They say "luck is all about being prepared when opportunity presents itself". Prepare yourself for opportunity and success.


The answer to that question is NO. That's not my job. There may be photographers out there who will "promise" you work or offer to provide you with representation, we do not. We are professional photographers. If you want representation, you should sign with a reputable talent agent. Talent agents will be the ones to get the majority of calls for auditions of all kinds. We do however, try to help models and actors to achieve their goals by using our expertise as photographers, thereby providing them with the tools and materials necessary to find work through an agent. However, we do not provide representation of any kind nor do we guarantee you will find work as an actor or model. We provide you with the necessary tools to pursue your career, you provide the commitment.


Models, actors and all other clients who are under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have a parent or legal guardian available to sign paperwork and attend the session.

In all other cases, it is definitely NOT recommended; it is guaranteed to interfere with the level of focus you have on your session and also considered somewhat unprofessional. Remember, the full modeling session, including make up, will last up to five hours for five wardrobe ensembles. Headshot sessions may last over an hour. Friends, relatives and children can be a major distraction and make you self-conscious; even if they're in the next room! Your session results may reflect that; especially if your friend begins to direct the shoot from behind the camera or make you feel like you're twelve years old again. If your friend comes with you to make sure you are in a professional environment, we certainly understand; but please ask them to go out for lunch or a cup of coffee until you're done. We are professional photographers and you have nothing to be concerned with regarding your safety. If your companion stays throughout your shoot to help you with wardrobe changes or apply your makeup, that's different....but please ask them not to otherwise interfere with or endeavor to direct the actual shoot and tell you to act like a tiger or some other foolishness. Remember, your friend and family will not be allowed to accompany you to a professional production of any kind and hang out on the set unless you are a minor or if your companion is also working on the shoot. Otherwise, it's not going to happen. The same guideline applies to pets. We do not allow you to you to bring pets of any kind to your session.....yes, that has actually happened.


If you have to cancel your session for any reason, you will lose your paid deposit. It means we lost a scheduled production day which was reserved for YOU. Your deposit may be applied to a rescheduled date if you are seriously ill but a rescheduling fee will charged.

*Make up artists and hair stylists will be provided by request only.
One week notice is required; additional fee of $125-$200 will apply for basic beauty make up.

Our full modeling portfolio session fee includes one look; basic beauty make up.

Most professional make up artists and hair stylists charge from $125 to $250 for beauty and specialty makeup. Depending on your needs, makeup will take up to an hour or more to apply; avant garde make up and body painting may take as much as two hours or more and will incur a higher fee depending on the artist's rates.

Hair design usually incurs a separate fee.

If we hire you for a concept shoot, your make up will be provided.

Our full modeling portfolio package includes basic beauty make up only;
specialty make up will incur an additional fee.



    Wayne Ferrara has been an active photographer ever since he bought his first Kodak Brownie camera forty one years ago at the age of twelve. While the world of photography has changed dramatically since then, including the professional digital equipment and post-processing software he uses today, his dedication to the craft has not.

   "I've lived and worked in New Orleans most of my life. My partner and wife Elaine is originally a native of Brazil and has lived in the US for ten years. Getting to know new clients is always a pleasure for both of us."

   "Many of our clients, like actors and models, come to us with very specific ideas about what they want in terms of the character or style of image they have in mind. The same thing applies with our commercial clients in terms of going from concept to final layout. We're always anxious to listen to your ideas and provide recommendations in order to achieve your goals. Whatever our clients have in mind, we encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas with us."

   "Our wedding photography is a combination of journalistic style and traditional. We capture the story as it unfolds. This captivating, photojournalistic style of photography has not only become widely accepted when documenting weddings, but it has quickly become the expected. While the classic pose is always engaging, by contrast, when a person is behaving naturally and spontaneously, it infuses the image with mood and intensity."

    "My wife and invaluable assistant, Elaine de Araujo Ferrara, helps coordinate client appointments and works as my "second perspective" and creative detail photographer for weddings. She also provides technical support on commercial shoots. Elaine has a special passion for photography and from angle to composition, she brings her own unique approach and style to every shoot she works. In my opinion, Elaine is more than a photographer; she is an emerging artist of truly natural talent. A native of Brazil and resident of New Orleans for the last fifteen years, Elaine is also a proud citizen of the United States. I have never partnered with and communicated so well with anyone else before."

    "No matter where our work takes us, documenting that special moment is just the beginning. After the average wedding shoot for example, we spend countless hours post processing the images from your shoot, making sure you get the best prints possible. It doesn't matter if your package has 300 or 1200 exposures, we take the time to individually inspect every image and make adjustments if necessary. Something as seemingly simple as cropping an image can make all the difference between an average photograph and a great one. The final results are images that everyone will admire, including you. This approach makes us rather exclusive when it comes to weddings. Consequently, we will only book one wedding per month."

Wayne and Elaine Ferrara combine their technical skills and the spirit of artistic imagination with the latest tools of digital photography and professional post processing software. Together, Wayne and Elaine ensure that you will receive the kind of personalized service and attention you deserve. Be it formal, casual or business oriented, the resulting portrait, actor's headshot, wedding portfolio, modeling portfolio, maternity or commercial portfolio is one that everyone will admire, including you!

We look forward to providing all of your photography needs
and exceeding your expectations.

Thank you

Wayne Ferrara and Elaine de Araujo Ferrara

Photography by Wayne Ferrara
Elaine de Araujo Ferrara


By appointment only

All images and content Copyright © 1993-2014 Wayne Ferrara

We try to help models and actors in every way possible to achieve their goals by using our expertise as photographers as well as provide the tools and materials necessary to find work.
However, we do not provide representation of any kind nor do we guarantee you will find work as an actor or model.
We provide you with the necessary tools, you provide the commitment.

We use professional grade digital equipment for all of our headshot photography, modeling work and post processing,
providing you with premium quality, finished headshot or modeling portfolio that will help you promote yourself as a professional.

Additonal print order products require advanced payment on our website by credit card or cash.

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